Blaine Anderson

Blaine Anderson

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Ohio in a well-off family. He has an older brother named Cooper, who is hyper-critical of Blaine and very competitive. Blaine’s sexuality also seems to have strained his relationship with his parents. Regardless, he is a happy and well-rounded young man, with not only singing and dancing talents but academic ones as well.

Living… in his parents’ house, though it’s clear that Blaine considers Dalton Academy his home first and foremost. Almost all of his time is spent there, rehearsing with his friends and fellow Warblers (an a cappella group) or just enjoying the company of other students.

Profession… high school student at Dalton Academy. At first, Blaine attended public school. But after going to a Sadie Hawkins dance with another openly gay student, he was brutally attacked by some homophobic bullies. Blaine subsequently transferred to Dalton Academy due to its zero-tolerance bullying policy.

Interests… an incredible singer, dancer, actor, and piano player with a passion for Star Wars fanfiction. Blaine clearly is a star, the likes of other area singers such as Rachel and Kurt. Blaine has a variety of interests outside of glee club, including boxing, fencing, and puppet-making.

Relationship Status… single. Although sparks flew the first time he and Kurt met, Blaine was preoccupied by a crush on another boy. Most of Blaine’s relationships have not ended well. Blaine is a very sensitive person and he wears his heart on his sleeve, which is probably why it is often broken.

Challenge… overcoming his tendency to fall in love too quickly and get hurt. A fan of grand romantic gestures, Blaine often displays his affections in bold letters from the outset, which tends to scare off the people he likes. It would be better if he moved more slowly, but that’s tough for such a naturally enthusiastic person.

Personality… confident, kind, caring, and genuine. Because Dalton is a long-standing glee club, they lack many of the problems that McKinley High’s New Directions face. They’re much more team-based and there aren’t many conflicts or diva fights like in McKinley’s glee club. In part because of this, Blaine is very much the kind of performer who knows he is good at what he does, but is incredibly humble about it. 


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