Black Dynamite
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Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite

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About Him

Living… in style. Black Dynamite has, perhaps, the coolest pad in the entire United States. It contains a dojo to practice his martial arts, a sprawling bed to accommodate up to six women, and a great sound system.

Profession… badass. Black Dynamite has done a lot of jobs throughout his life – he served in Vietnam and was briefly the CIA’s deadliest agent – but now he tries to work for himself. His unbelievable martial arts skills and impossible toughness allow him to face just about anything without fear, so now Black Dynamite follows the dictates of his conscience, and takes orders from no one.

Interests… kung fu, women, women, and more women. If Black Dynamite isn’t beating the absolute crap out of his sparring partners, he’s probably seducing every attractive female in a mile radius. He’s irresistible to the ladies.

Relationship Status… single but never unaccompanied. Black Dynamite’s skill as a lover is legendary – but he’s yet to find just one woman that can satisfy him. He needs at least three to five.

Challenge… stopping “the Man” from pumping heroin into his neighborhood. Powerful white men have been flooding the streets with dope, causing an increase in crime that led to the death of Black Dynamite’s brother. As Black Dynamite tries to get the smack off the streets, he begins to unravel a conspiracy that goes far deeper than he could have imagined – a dastardly plot involving malt liquor, penis shrinking, the fiendish Doctor Wu, and even Richard Nixon. Never one to get discouraged, Black Dynamite is determined to punch, kick, stab, and shoot his way to the truth, no matter how long it takes.

Personality… cool. Women want him, and men want to be him. He can beat anyone in a fight, his sexual prowess is incredible, and he’s got a mustache that is out of this world. Black Dynamite is a larger-than-life figure whose life consists mostly of explosions and orgies, the kind of man that communicates mostly through one-liners. While he often uses his abilities for heroic purposes, the pleasure he takes in violence is far from heroic, and he often seems overtaken by sadistic glee as he dispatches evildoers.

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