Billy Pilgrim
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Billy Pilgrim

Slaughterhouse Five

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About Him

Grew Up… unathletic and odd-looking. Whether it was in school or the army, Billy's physical weakness and crippling meekness have never made him particularly popular or well-liked.

Living… an odd existence. If you believe what he says, then Billy "has come unstuck in time" and now can jump between different times in his life. It's something that's been going on since World War II, when Billy served with the US forces, but he only becomes truly aware of if after being abducted by the Tralfamadorians, aliens that resemble bathroom plungers and experience the past, present, and future all at once.

Profession… optometrist and former soldier. Billy is a fairly successful, if nervous, doctor, but his days from the war still haunt him. When an airplane crash lands him in the hospital years after WWII has ended, some of Billy's first words to his roommate are: "I was in Dresden when it was bombed. I was a prisoner of war."

Interests… wandering his best memories and reading novels by his friend, Kilgore Trout. It's from Trout, an imaginative if technically unskilled sci-fi writer, that Billy first begins to view the strange visions he's been having since the war as the product of time travel.  

Relationship Status… complicated. Billy is married to Valencia and has two children with her, but after being abducted by the Tralfamadorians, he starts a steamy affair with beautiful porn star Montana Wildhack. But is it really cheating if they're both on another planet, and Montana might actually be already dead?  

Challenge… overcoming his experiences. Being unstuck in time is an odd state to be in, and the ability to know the deaths of those around him hasn't helped ease Billy's lingering PTSD. But the Tralfamadores, with their calm attitude toward death and ability to live in four dimensions, might be able to help.

Personality… compassionate, but so unassuming and unstable it'd be hard to know it. A mild-mannered, sensitive kid when he's first drafted, Billy is unprepared for the senseless death and brutality of war. Never very stable to begin with, Billy's psyche is only worse after he witnesses the firebombing of Dresden, and it's a long, long time before he can come close to recovering.

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