Billy Hoyle

Billy Hoyle

    White Men Can't Jump
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... successful streetball hustler, or at least he would be successful if he ever knew when to quit. Billy knows that being white isn’t considered a plus on the inner-city playgrounds where he plies his trade, and he plays up his supposed ineptitude by dressing as goofily as possible. But it’s a con; Billy is actually a true baller with a deadly jumper. When he takes cash off the fast-talking African-American Sidney Deane, the two realize they’re kindred spirits and join forces to win as much money off unsuspecting players as possible. Unless, of course, they con each other first.

Personality... street-wise and well-intentioned, but incorrigible. Billy is often his own worst enemy. His girlfriend Gloria is the best thing in his life, but he’s always losing their money because he can’t help himself from trying to win one more bet. The same fearlessness that makes him a great hustler also means he’s not afraid to blow everything until, yes, he’s blown everything once more. But maybe teaming with Sidney will change things. Maybe.


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