Billy Hicks
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Billy Hicks

St. Elmo's Fire

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About Him

Grew Up… maybe never. Billy’s stuck in a permanent adolescence. He was raised in a privileged home and made the grades for Georgetown, but now, after living it up for four years in a frat house, Billy’s a 20-something without a plan and with mounting responsibilities.

Living… off his friends. He lives with his wife and young child, but when he can’t deal with family life – which is pretty much all the time – he’ll spend the night at a friend’s apartment. He sometimes borrows money from friends, all of whom know they won’t see a dime of it repaid.

Profession… unemployed, usually. He’s just lost his most recent job – one his friend Alec got him. In fact, Billy gets most of his jobs from friends. They want to help Billy out, but Billy’s unable to help himself. He loses every job he gets, and doesn’t much seem to care. “This isn’t real,” he tells one friend. “You know what it is? It's St. Elmo's Fire. Electric flashes of light that appear in dark skies out of nowhere... [Sailors] made it up because they thought they needed it to keep them going when times got tough, just like you're making up all of this. We're all going through this. It’s our time at the edge.”

Interests… having fun with his college friends. He likes hitting on girls and drinking, sure, but ultimately Billy just wants a few laughs and some camaraderie.

Relationship Status… married, but Billy is something of a cad. He can’t grow out of his collegiate ways. He’s a charmer. He has a gift for talking to girls – a gift he seems unable to turn off.

Challenge... taking responsibility. Billy needs to become a man, to find something to live for other than himself and his petty desires. He loves his friends, and on some level wants to love his wife and kid, but he’s unable to do anything for any of them. Once he finds his purpose, he’ll be able to grow and mature. Hopefully.

Personality… an alternately charming and frustrating rogue. Whether he’s a loveable one is another matter. He’s funny, charismatic, and the life of the party, but he doesn't know when the party should end. Though his behavior sometimes indicates otherwise, he cares about his friends and wants to build them up: “So you lost your job? I've lost 20 of them since graduation.” Billy's a great guy for a night on the town, but unless he makes some changes he's not someone to rely on.

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