Billy Epstein
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Billy Epstein

Difficult People

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About Him

Grew Up… in a Jewish family with his boring, traditional brother Garry. Over-the-top, pop culture-obsessed Billy has always had trouble relating to Garry and the brothers have drifted apart even more since their father died. But it’s all O.K.; Billy will just include a joke about it in his routine.

Living… in a tiny studio apartment in New York City. It barely fits his bed, but that’s fine; he’s hardly ever there. Usually Billy is at a comedy club, or hanging out with his best friend Julie at her place. 

Profession… waiter and aspiring comedian/actor. He gets some auditions and he has some genuine talent, but he still hasn’t booked anything big yet. So, most of his time is spent at the restaurant with his annoying coworkers.

Interests… making fun of other people, tweeting, and doing both of these things while hanging out with Julie.

Relationship Status… single. He dated one guy, but he was way too Jewish. And then there was the guy who loved participating in things – ugh, what a turn-off.

Challenge… living life as an unsuccessful performer and not understanding why things won’t just work out for him. Every time Billy tries to do a little good, it seems to backfire on him, so he isn’t very motivated to try to do better.

Personality… bitter, funny, and, well, difficult. Billy is oblivious to many of the social graces he’s meant to follow, or if he’s aware of them he just doesn’t care. He lacks a filter so he’ll always say exactly what’s on his mind. He’s hoping that at some point that’ll translate into success as a performer.

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