Billy Brown
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Billy Brown

Buffalo 66

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About Him

Living... in jail for five years – but he just got out.

Visiting... Buffalo, New York, to see his parents, who didn't know he was in jail. Billy told them he worked for the government and that he would be away for a long time. He also said he was married. So he kidnapped a free-spirited woman named Layla so she could pretend to be his wife and be blissfully in love with him. Curiously, Layla doesn’t seem to mind being kidnapped.

Interests... gambling and the Buffalo Bills. In fact, he used to like gambling on the Buffalo Bills, which was why he ended him up in jail. Billy lost a $10,000 bet on the Bills in the Superbowl on a crucial missed field goal that he swears was missed on purpose by the kicker. Without the $10,000 to pay the debt, Billy made a deal with his bookie – in exchange for forgiving the debt, he would do jail time for someone else.

Relationship Status... single. He’s had bad relationships in the past that have made him swear off women. As he says, “You know why l didn't have a girlfriend growing up? There was nobody that l liked because girls stink. They stink. They're evil. And they're all bad, all of them. They're backstabbers.” He hopes Layla is not a backstabber too.

Challenge... getting revenge on the Buffalo Bill’s kicker who missed the goal. Billy is so angry that he wants to kill him.

Personality... vengeful, erratic, obsessive, rude, and paranoid. Billy doesn’t have any real redeeming qualities; it’s hard to find a guy as unlikable as he is. But that is also what makes him so interesting. 

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