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Grew Up... in Vietnam. Like a lot of other men of his generation, William “Bill” Overbeck was hardened by his experience in the Vietnam War.

Living... in a zombie apocalypse. Pennsylvania, and possibly the entire world, has been turned into a giant zombie nightmare by an apocalyptic virus. Bill is one of a handful of survivors who are immune the virus, including Francis, Louis, and Zoey. But considering the state of the post-zombie world, being alive might be a worse fate than those who met a mercifully quick death.

Profession... veteran. Bill served his country as part of the US Army 1st Special Forces group. He served two tours, permanently damaged his knee after shrapnel became embedded in it, and was honorably discharged.

Interests... getting back into the fight. Bill was bored in a world with no wars to contest. He had no patience for small talk with the nurses at the Veterans Hospital. So he is excited to fight the new “army” that is the zombie horde.

Relationship Status... alone. Bill doesn’t talk much about his life outside of the war, but he did seem to have a family. They just didn’t visit him often.

Challenge... beating back the zombies. Bill wanders the zombie wasteland with his fellow survivors. Together they do their best to survive against terrible odds. As the oldest and most experienced survivor, Bill acts as a leader for the rest of the group.        

Personality... adrift. Like many disgruntled veterans, Bill wants to have a purpose again, and he sees the apocalypse as his big chance. However, as he recognizes, “Even bein’ in a war doesn’t prepare you for this.”

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