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Kill Bill vol. 1

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Grew Up... collecting father figures “like most men who never knew their fathers,” as Bill puts it. The pimp Estaban Vihaoo took Bill under his wing in his youth. Bill also trained with Chinese martial artist Pai Mei, who forced him to carry heavy water buckets up tons of stone steps. Bill became a hardened soldier.

Living… as the leader of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, a group of contract killers. All of the killers are women, except for Bill (codename: Snake Charmer) and his brother Budd (codename: Sidewinder). Bill is their feared and fearless leader, whose skills are unmatched and whose forgiveness is hard to come by. After the love of his life (codename: Black Mamba) runs away and gets engaged to someone else, Bill, at his “most masochistic,” shoots her and everyone at her wedding reception. The only mistake he made: the bride survived. And now she has sworn to kill Bill.

Profession… assassin. Bill’s Deadly Viper Assassination Squad is one of the best in the business. And even though its members are aging, they still have widespread influence in various parts of the crime world. That includes the Japanese Yakuza, where his very own O-ren Ishii is at the head of the totem pole.

Interests… martial arts, guns, and Hatori Hanzo swords. These katanas are forged by a legendary sword-maker, whose steel is said to be able to cut through God, if its wielder should do battle with Him. 

Relationship Status… complicated. Bill has intimate relationships with all of the members of his Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. But none were so long-lived and intimate as his relationship with Black Mamba, the bride who admitted to carrying Bill’s baby one moment before he shot her in the head.

Challenge… finishing what he started. If Bill allows Black Mamba to survive and track him down, he’s as good as dead. He knows she’s coming, and the only thing he can do is prepare for the day that she shows up on his doorstep.

Personality… wise, soft-spoken, intelligent, and cultured. Bill is not only a master of Japanese samurai swordplay, but he also knows kung fu and is a renowned storyteller of old Chinese myths. He’s not bad at playing the wood flute, either. Bill is a man of many talents, but his real passion, unfortunately, is for cold-blooded murder. 

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