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Bill Murphy

F is for Family

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About Him

Living... in Massachusetts in the 1970s. Bill is the middle child between his older brother, Kevin, and younger sister, Maureen. Their house is total chaos, with their father yelling all the time. Forced to share a room with his brother Kevin, Bill doesn’t have anywhere to go in his house to give him any peace and quiet.

Profession... student. Although he is a mediocre student, everything is relative. He seems like a genius compared to Kevin who is failing every subject. 

Interests... playing with Maureen. Bill is closest to his sister Maureen, and their father thinks that is good for Bill. As his father told him, “Be nice to your sister, Bill. Someday you’ll be sleeping on her couch after your first divorce.” 

Challenge... standing up to the neighborhood bully. Jimmy takes pleasure in tormenting Billy, assaulting him and shooting at him with a BB gun. Bill is tired of being a victim and is plotting his revenge plan. 

Personality... curious, reserved, and adventurous. Bill is quiet and can be reluctant to speak his mind. Although he doesn’t take risks with his words, he does with his actions. 

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