Bill Henrickson
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Bill Henrickson

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About Him

Grew up… on the Juniper Creek compound in God’s own heartland, Utah. Bill, the product of a polygamous family, grew up to love the principles of fundamentalist Mormonism. Though Bill found himself thrown out of the compound at age 14 following a power struggle between his grandfather, Orville Henrickson, and the compound accountant, Roman Grant. Roman soon took over as the compound’s leader, the “Prophet.”

Living… “The Principle” in Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, with his three wives and eight children. Bill lives many different lives. He is, at once, a respected local businessman, a husband to his (often demanding) wives, and a father figure to his large family. Each role requires patience and struggle. As he says, “We have to defend our most fundamental beliefs no matter the consequences, no matter the sacrifices.”

Profession… owner of the Henrickson’s Home Plus chain of hardware stores. Bill ended up becoming the most successful of the many children on Juniper Creek compound. After being tossed out, he had to find a way to support himself and build his three families.

Interests… serving his family and God. Bill is, genuinely, a good man. He believes in the power of love that God has bestowed upon him. Though, in order to keep that love running smoothly, he needs to learn to deal with the (often conflicting) demands made by his wives. He tells them, “I need my family to start acting like a family.”

Relationship Status… married to Barb Henrickson, Nicolette Grant and Margene Heffman. Bill finds himself having to play the role of politician and negotiator just as often as he plays the role of loving husband. Life with three wives is no easy task. “Officially,” he says to them in his characteristically diplomatic style, “I miss you guys all the same.” The fact that Bill must keep his multiple marriages a secret further complicates matters.

Challenge… dealing with the dilemmas of having a large (and technically illegal) family while keeping himself and his business safe from his nemesis, Roman Grant. Bill’s old family at the compound seem to want something from him now that his business is proving to be wildly successful.

Personality… diplomatic, smart and caring. He is a loving husband to his three wives and a supportive father to each of his eight children. He has a lot of love to give, and manages to do so “through sacrifice and endurance.”

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