Bill Harford
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Bill Harford

Eyes Wide Shut

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Living… in an apartment in New York City with his wife Alice. Bill works very hard and strongly believes that he is entitled to splurge now and then, in all aspects of life.

Profession… doctor. It was a long road to get where he is today. All the schoolwork, lab work and apprenticeship are finally paying off. Bill likes how people treat him differently once they know he is a doctor. The women take more interest. The men show more respect. Bill routinely pulls out his New York State Medical Board Card to sway others.

Interests… going to parties. They are basically the same, excluding the last one he went to, which was unlike anything he’d ever seen. Everyone there was masked and appeared to be openly engaging in orgies. Bill, who witnessed it first-hand, still cannot believe what he saw.

Relationship Status… married, but on the rocks. Bill thought he had Alice figured out. He assumed his wife’s devotion was unwavering. But the dreams that she tells him about – she's been fantasizing about other men – cast doubt over everything. Especially after this party, Bill doesn’t know if she thinks of him as "the one" or "one of many." She could get any man she wanted. But does she want to?

Challenge… regaining stability after these past few days. The party, Alice's dreams, his infidelities – it's all happened so fast. The fact that it all could happen so easily makes him question everything he had held sacred. Bill wants to come clean but he doesn’t know what Alice's reaction will be. Even more than that, he’s afraid that she'll come clean.

Personality… usually confident, but lately rather tormented. Bill asked his wife for honesty, and when she gave it to him, it threw him into a whirlwind. Of course, neither of them is blind and they’re both attracted to other people, so who knows where this will end up. Bill is a guy who thought he had life figured out, but is now discovering that he doesn't know anything for sure.

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