Bill Daggett
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Bill Daggett


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About Him

Grew Up... with a host of dangerous gunfighters like himself. A “friend” of Little Bill's, English Bob, might not have been the bravest fighter, but he is one of the few to survive the old killing days.

Living… in Big Whiskey, Wyoming, where he’s now the judge, jury, and executioner. Big Whiskey is his town and Little Bill runs it with an iron fist. Under his rule, no guns are allowed except his, and criminals cannot live there.

Profession… sheriff of Big Whiskey. He doesn’t have too much work to do these days, as he keeps a tight grip on the community. Little Bill turns toward house-building and reminiscing as his main sources of entertainment.

Interests… he's passionate about carpentry and architecture. But, he is not the best carpenter in the West – his house has a few leaks on rainy nights. A writer who did not know Bill built the house once says, “Maybe you should just hang the carpenter.”

Relationship Status… single. His womanizing days are long over. 

Challenge… keeping Big Whiskey safe and under his rule. When a couple of cowboys cut up a prostitute, Bill grants them clemency to avoid any more trouble – but this plan backfires in a big way. Bitterness begins to brew in town and a bounty is offered on the cowboys. That brings out some dangerous men from Bill's era, including Will Munny, and others in search of the payoff. Little Bill will have his hands full to keep things from spiraling out of control.

Personality… controlling and brutal. Little Bill wouldn’t hesitate to severely beat an unarmed man in the street just to send a message to the town. Whenever anyone new in town doesn’t know the rules, Bill is quick to let them know – by any means necessary, violent or otherwise. Especially violent. Bill might be a lawman, but he is as ruthless and savage as any criminal.

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