Bill Cutting
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Bill Cutting

Gangs of New York

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About Him

Grew Up… in the Lower East Side of New York City in the 1800’s. Because Bill’s family were members of the first settlers, he has become increasingly angry with the Irishmen fresh off the boat trying to infiltrate the area – and enjoying privileges without making the same sacrifices that his own family had to make.

Living... without an eye, which he lost in fight with an Irishman who called himself Priest Vallon. Vallon had the upper hand in the fight, but spared Bill’s life – leaving him to live in shame. In a sick turn of events, Bill decided to cut out his eye and send it to Vallon to overcome his sense of shame. And then, as Bill explains, "I rose back up again with a full heart and buried him [Vallon] in his own blood. He was the only man I ever killed worth remembering."

Profession... butcher turned gangster – two professions that are actually not that different. After all, killing pigs and humans involves a similar process. Even their livers, kidneys and hearts are nearly the same. As a gangster, Bill has built an empire on bribes, theft, and violence. Early on, Bill had an alliance with Boss Tweed, who runs Tammany Hall and is almost as greedy as Bill, but they had a falling out.

Interests... knives. For fun, Bill likes to throw knives at people, barely missing them. It’s not a coincidence that his last name is Cutting.

Relationship Status… involved with Jenny, a sexy spitfire who makes her living as a pickpocket.  

Challenge... keeping his power. Priest Vallon’s son and Boss Tweed are trying to take him down. Unfazed, Bill states, "I will spew Young Vallon out of my mouth. He can build his filthy world without me. I took his father. Now I'll take him and paint Paradise Square with his blood. Two coats. I'll festoon my bedchamber with his guts."

Personality... power-hungry, ruthless, and full of hate. Bill will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

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