Bill Compton
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Bill Compton

True Blood

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About Him

Grew Up… in Bon Temps, Louisiana around 1835. Though his childhood is mostly a mystery, it is known that Bill lived with his wife and two kids during the Civil War, before being “turned” by a seductive vampire named Lorena. He spent much of his young vampire life having violent orgies with his maker before growing tired of his murderous and immoral lifestyle and leaving Lorena.

Living… in the Compton estate. After the death of the last living Compton family member, Bill returns to Bon Temps for reasons unknown. Initially treated with outright fear and hatred by the community due to the fact that he’s the first vampire to come to Bon Temps since vampires “came out of the coffin.” After being accused of several murders, Bill is eventually treated neutrally by most townsfolk due to his generally quiet and peaceful presence.

Profession… drifter. When Bill first comes into town, no one knows why. He spends most of his time getting to know a local girl, Sookie Stackhouse, who possesses an extraordinary ability: She hears people’s thoughts.

Interests… finding out more about Sookie and her strange powers, spending time with Sookie, keeping Sookie out of danger…you get the picture.

Relationship Status… interested in Sookie. Bill is immediately attracted to her, and after spending time with her and her Grandma Adele, he begins to fall in love with her. The two have a passionate relationship, although they also go through some rough times. They continue to have an on-again off-again relationship for much of the series.

Challenge… Bill faces many challenges once he returns to Bon Temps. First he’s ostracized by the community, then he falls in love with Sookie, who he’s supposed to be tracking, then he has to fight for and protect an often-reckless and uncooperative Sookie. He’s also accused of murder by the sheriff, he murders a vampire, and he has to raise a newborn vampire. 

Personality… Bill’s a true Southern gentleman: polite, kind and good-natured. Unlike most vampires who are outwardly aggressive or domineering, he’s an incredibly compassionate and humane vampire. Though he has a very dark past, his intentions are very much normal: he wants to live a simple life and stay out of trouble. 

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