Bill Baker

Bill Baker


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… alone in Stillwater, Oklahoma. His daughter Allison is in prison in Marseille, France, and his wife passed away years ago. 

Profession… construction and oil rig worker. Bill’s father also worked on oil rigs, but Bill is having less luck as of late. Bill explains that it takes a while for an oil rig to be set up and for drilling to begin, which is why in the meantime, he is doing cleanup and construction work. 

Interests… religion, country music, pickups, handywork, and Oklahoma State football. Bill is a devout Christian, who says grace before eating and prays to God when he is in trouble. He loves college football—especially since Oklahoma State is in his home state of Stillwater. And he often takes on home repair projects in his free time.

Relationship Status… widowed. Bill’s wife passed away years ago, and he hasn’t been involved with anyone since then. When Bill travels to Marseille, he meets Virginie, a bohemian actress, who he has a lot of chemistry with. They bond as they take care of Virginie’s daughter, Maya. But Bill only sees Virginie as a friend as opposed to a romantic partner.

Challenge… successfully getting his daughter exonerated from French prison. Allison has been in prison in Marseille for five years, serving a nine-year sentence for the murder of her roommate and lover, Lina. Allison left home to be an exchange student in Marseille, where she met Lina and fell in love. One night, after a fight stemming from unfaithfulness, Allison says she left the apartment she shared with Lina to go to a bar. When she returned, she found Lina dead. With a lack of substantial evidence, Allison is blamed and convicted. Bill is trying to do everything in his power to try to get Allison out of prison, including often traveling to France to be close to her and find the real killer who he suspects is an Arab man. Bill is adamant that Allison is innocent, and he will stand up to the French judicial system in order to clear her name.

Personality… stubborn, detached, and compassionate. Bill can be stubborn, not willing to believe any other evidence that may implicate his daughter. He can be shy and emotionally detached from everyone, including Allison who he struggles to connect with. But he goes to great lengths to help his daughter, and he also has a soft spot for Virginie and Maya, who he cares about deeply.


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