Bill Babowsky
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Bill Babowsky

Tin Men

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About Him

Living… alone in Baltimore, in a two-story apartment in a renovated building. It has high ceilings and exposed brick. He’s hardly got anything in it but what he’s got is decent. It ain't too bad for uptown – even Bill ("BB" to his friends) can admit that.

Profession… a door-to-door aluminum siding salesman. Aluminum siding improves the appearance of a house and improves the insulation – just ask him. BB will sell tin to anybody. He doesn’t care who it is, or what kind of strategy he has to employ to make the sale.

Interests… getting even with Tilley, a rival aluminum siding salesman and the idiot who busted up BB’s Cadillac. It doesn’t matter what it takes – Tilley is going to pay big time.

Relationship Status… in love, which is also tied up with Tilley. He’s fallen for Tilley’s wife, Nora. Sure, BB originally pursued Nora to get revenge on Tilley, but somewhere along the way something changed. Now BB wants to be with her for real. His feud with Tilley had taken him in all sorts of odd directions.

Challenge… keeping his industry the way it is and resisting all these new regulations. As BB gripes, “Tell me, where's it written in the Constitution that says you can't hustle for money? Where's it written? It ain't like I went into an alley and hit a guy over the head with a brick and stole his money... You know what our big crime is? We're nickel and dime guys. We're small-time hustlers. They got us because we're hustling nickels and dimes.” BB and his sworn rival Tilley may have a lot more in common than BB first thinks.

Personality… slick and sleazy. Though the way BB sees it, he knows what people want and he simply gives it to them: “You want to get in good with people... you want to win their confidence?  Good thing to try... get a five dollar bill, take it out when the guy's not looking, drop it on the ground. Ask the guy if he dropped his bill… Right away this guy is thinking you must be one hell of a nice guy... you're in. You've got him for whatever you want now.” BB can be an entertaining huckster, but he's a huckster nonetheless.

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