Bigby Wolf

Bigby Wolf

    The Wolf Among Us

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in the Homelands. The son of two forces of nature, the North Wind and the Winter Wolf, Bigby Wolf had a sad childhood watching his mother die after his father (the North Wind) abandoned her and the litter. But since his father was too strong to confront directly, Bigby took out his anger on others.

Living... in Fabletown. Bigby now lives in Fabletown, a recluse for fairy tale folks hidden in plain sight in the heart of New York City, safe from the humans or “mundies.”

Profession... sheriff. As the Big Bad Wolf, Bigby was a feared villain. But as Fabletown’s new sheriff, he wants to leave his past behind and use his strength to help the people, even if they don’t trust him.

Interests… smoking. Being a werewolf, Bigby’s sense of smell is extremely acute. So he smokes often to drown out the powerful, unpleasant odors that fill the city.

Relationship Status... in love. For a long time Bigby has had feelings for Snow White. He can always track her scent and even knows when her mood changes. And depending on his behavior, sometimes Snow White will get close to him as well.

Challenge... solving the mystery of Faith’s murder. After meeting a young Fabletown prostitute named Faith, only to soon discover her severed head, Bigby investigates the murder. However, he eventually finds himself wrapped up in an even larger conspiracy operating in the shadows of Fabletown.       

Personality... lone wolf. Although he is now trying to do good, Bigby has a hard time connecting with other people. And he is still very confrontational. As he says, “I do what has to be done, for them! But at the end of the day I’m still the bad guy.” 


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