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Living… in New York City with his 11-year old daughter Mindy. Their house is an armory, with weapons of all shapes and sizes adorning the walls. Together, they form a crime-fighting duo: Big-Daddy and Hit-Girl.

Profession… former standout member of the NYPD alongside his partner, Marcus Williams. But when he refused to get on the payroll of crime boss Frank D’Amico, D’Amico had Damon framed for dealing drugs. Sentenced to five years in prison, Damon did not return to the force upon his release, and instead committed himself to full-time vigilante justice.

Interests… besides weapons? Damon is an avid artist who has drawn a portrait of everyone in D’Amico’s crime syndicate.

Relationship Status… Damon’s wife committed suicide out of grief while he was incarcerated. Uninterested in bringing another woman into his life, Damon lavishes Mindy with affection. He homeschools her using an unorthodox curriculum that is light on math but heavy on the use of firearms.

Challenge… taking down Frank D’Amico and his army of cronies. This is his singular obsession, his life’s mission. Dressed as Big-Daddy, he spends his nights with young Hit-Girl shooting, stabbing, and crushing their foes, working slowly but surely towards D’Amico himself. While Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl are professionals, they can use all the help they can get – and have recently allied themselves with an unlikely superhero who goes by the name of “Kick-Ass.”

Personality… affable, and friendly, Damon’s personality matches his first-rate Dad moustache. While Big-Daddy is capable of extreme acts of violence, he retains Damon’s chipper, easy-going demeanor. Smiley, goofy, and incredibly dangerous, this single Dad is the biggest threat to New York’s criminal underworld.

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