Big Bird
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Big Bird

Sesame Street

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About Him

Grew Up… in a nest with his grandmother and aunt. When he got old enough, Big Bird decided it was time to strike out on his own, though he still keeps in touch with Granny Bird.

Living… in a giant bird’s nest. Where else could a giant bird live? Big Bird’s nest is behind 123 Sesame Street, a popular apartment complex where his friends Cookie Monster, Bert, and Ernie live.

Profession… none. Big Bird is a neighborhood fixture, always around to help out when people need something, but he doesn’t actually have his own job. He’s still pretty young in bird years, though, so there's still plenty of time for him to figure it out.

Interests… wondering. Big Bird is still figuring the world out, so he spends lots of his time pondering how things work or discovering new bits of  the alphabet and mathematics with the neighborhood children. He's eager to discover new things and unafraid to ask others for help, often exclaiming, “asking questions is a good way of finding things out!”

Relationship Status… single. Big Bird is effectively still a kid, so he hasn’t gotten that far yet.

Challenge… understanding the complexities of the world. Things on Sesame Street move pretty quickly for Big Bird, and he sometimes has a hard time keeping up. Thankfully, there are plenty of adults, children, and monster friends around who all are more than happy to explain things to him.

Personality… warm and inquisitive. Easily the friendliest bird on Sesame Street, Big Bird is a pro at introducing and endearing himself to newcomers. Big Bird values all his friendships immensely and devotes a lot of time to listening to people who are feeling sad or overlooked. Passionate and unafraid of failure, he’s very good at inspiring others to try new things. Some of his questions might seem rather silly, but because of them, Big Bird learns more every day than probably anyone else on the block.

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