Biff Tannen
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Biff Tannen

Back to the Future

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About Him

Overview... a 1950s bully with a rude attitude. Biff is still in high school – but you wouldn’t know it if you judged him on his sixth-grade reading abilities or the way he botches even the simplest of puns. Biff’s main pleasure in life seems to be torturing weak students like George McFly and harassing nice girls like Loraine. Luckily, a new cool kid (secretly from the future) is in town, going by the name of Calvin Klein. He seeks to defeat Biff once and for all.

Personality… violent, obnoxious, and dumb. Biff is your classic bully. His favorite catchphrase is “butthead” and his gang of lackeys follows him wherever he goes. He’s big, mean, and full of himself, despite being incapable of correctly using idioms and chasing away girls with his cruelty.

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