Samantha Stephens
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Samantha Stephens


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About Her

Living at 1164 Morning Glory Circle, a pleasant suburban home that Samantha shares with her husband, Darrin. 

Profession  wife and homemaker. But Samantha doesn’t just take care of the house—she’s also a powerful witch, trying to conceal her powers and the rest of the magical world from the mortals around her. Unfortunately, that’s harder than it sounds, with her magical mother constantly trying to get her to leave Darrin and the mortal world behind. 

Interests keeping the peace between the mortal world and the magical world, and deflecting her mother, Endora, from trying to break up her relationship.  

Relationship Status happily married, though her mother disagrees. When Samantha married Darrin, she promised to give up witchcraft and become a normal housewife, and that sometimes causes tension in their relationship. But in the end, they care about each other deeply. 

Challenge not using magic. The thing is, it seems so easy to solve problems with magic—and even when she doesn’t, Darrin sometimes accuses her of using magic anyway!  That, and the witch world does tend to intrude even when she does her best to keep it away. 

Personality… charming, funny, and wholesome. Samantha is a kind and loving person who, although she gave up her magical life to get married, will nonetheless stand up for herself and for her husband. Her characteristic nose-twitch when she’s doing magic is just one example of her animated and endearing facial expressions. She is witty and enjoys a good joke, but doesn’t shy away from the sentimental, often getting to the moral heart of the matter.

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