Beverly Sutphin
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Beverly Sutphin

Serial Mom

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About Her

Living... in the suburbs of Baltimore with her loving husband and two kids.

Profession... housewife. She tries to be the best mom possible, making home cooked meals every day.

Interests... killing people. Trying to be the perfect is getting to her. It all started when she ran down Chip's math teacher in her station wagon and then backed up over his body to finish off the job.

Relationship Status... in a loving marriage. She loves her husband – her coo-coo bird. He stuck by her even after discovering that she might be a serial killer. Now, that’s true love!

Challenge... avoiding jail. The attorney she hired wanted her to plead insanity, but she didn’t agree with the strategy. Beverly fired him and is now defending herself. The prosecutor is trying to make her out to be evil, but she needs to convince the jury otherwise.

Personality... two-sided. To the outside world, Beverly is the perfect June Cleaver mom – perky, doting, and loving. When she is alone, she can show her true self – which is quite a scary side.

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