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Grew up… picking loganberries at her grandmother’s farmhouse in Yorkshire, England. Beverly’s classically English upbringing has made her into a strong, reserved and (it seems) uptight woman. She was not meant for the balmy climate of Los Angeles.

Living… with her husband, Sean, in a gaudy mansion in Beverly Hills, Calif. Beverly and her husband moved to Los Angeles in order to produce the American version of their hit British sitcom “Lyman’s Boys.”

Profession… producer of “Pucks!,” a shoddy adaptation of “Lyman’s Boys.” Hollywood has managed to transform a show about a boarding school into a show about a school’s hockey team, with Matt LeBlanc of “Friends” fame as the star. Beverly doesn’t like the direction that the studio executives are taking. In fact, she doesn’t much like the studio executives themselves.

Relationship Status…married to her writing partner, Sean Lincoln. Beverly and Sean were the perfect team in their native London, but the glamorous environment of Hollywood seems to have had a corrupting influence. Beverly is worried that Sean is attracted to their show’s star, Morning Randolph.

Challenge… managing her jealousy and keeping her marriage together. Beverly doesn’t much like the new version of Sean, who’s quickly becoming a Hollywood type. She gripes at him, “You’re already starting to tan!”

Personality… cynical and anxious. Beverly is far too British to be in Los Angeles. She doesn’t take well to the unctuous attitudes and the fake smiles – or even the real smiles, for that matter. As she says to the more optimistic Sean, “My negative openly mocks your positive, my negative slaps your positive around, my negative grabs your positive, bends it over the sofa and buggers it from behind!”

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