Beverly Crusher
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Beverly Crusher

Star Trek: The Next Generation

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About Her

Grew Up... with her grandmother on the Arvada III colony prior to its demise. An accomplished healer, Beverly's grandmother greatly inspired her future career in medicine.

Living... aboard the United Federation of Planets' Galaxy Class flagship, the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC 1701-D), as it hurdles through space seeking out new life and new civilizations.

Visiting... unexplored worlds inhabited by new and exciting civilizations, as well as other planets and star bases containing other members of the Federation and Starfleet. The Enterprise travels mostly in the Alpha-Quadrant, and occasionally in the highly dangerous Romulan Neutral Zone...

Profession... chief medical officer and caring mother. Beverly heads a team of officers that administers medical care to over 1,000 fellow crewpersons, comprised of at least 13 species. During important missions, Beverly is never far from the action and typically stands by with her hypospray or medical tri-corder at the ready – all the while finding the time to parent her child-genius son, Wesley.

Interests... exercising the body and mind often, especially with performance art including acting and dancing, and studying cybernetic technology. Beverly enjoys keeping an active mind while on board the Enterprise, instigating social gatherings and participating in poker nights with the rest of the ship's senior officers. She possesses a keen intellect – not unlike her son Wesley – and often enjoys meeting visitors on the ship who are specialists in their field.

Relationship Status... widowed. Raising a boy genius alone hasn't been easy, and romance might appear to be far from Beverly's mind. But there's something that intrigues her about Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The Enterprise’s captain was also her late husband's commanding officer and close friends with the couple while Jack Crusher was still alive.

Challenge.... patching up crewmates with known physiologies and alien strangers with unknown physiologies, and preventing disease and epidemic brought aboard the ship from killing the crew at any moment. She isn't afraid to order the Captain himself to bed-rest, or as she would put it, "You have an appointment in your cabin, Captain. With your bed."

Personality... friendly, intelligent, caring, and determined. Beverly does her duty well, and is well-loved by her crew. Her positive mindset and capacity for hope are exceptional for someone who's seen as much death and illness as she.

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