Betty Elms
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Betty Elms

Mulholland Drive

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Living... in sunny LA, in her aunt's house. Betty's grateful enough to be staying in Aunt Ruth's apartment, so she doesn't question it too much when a naked woman stumbles into her new home. Just another one of Aunt Ruth's new friends, right? Wrong.

Profession… aspiring actress. Betty might be new at the profession, but there's no doubt she has what it takes to be a famous star. Still, Betty insists she'd "rather be known as a great actress than a movie star."

Interests… acting, and helping Rita. While Betty's initially unnerved at finding Rita in Aunt Ruth's apartment, the two quickly bond and become friends. But other than her name, Rita doesn't seem to remember much from her old life. So naturally, Betty's going to help her!

Relationship Status… single. With her blonde hair and sweet-as-sugar personality, Betty doesn't have any trouble attracting guys. However, Betty doesn't seem to care too much about romance – she'd much rather spend time with her new best friend.  

Challenge… helping Rita recover her memories while making it as a star. Everyone tells horror stories about Hollywood execs and directors, but no one's really warned Betty about how odd the place can be. From surreal theaters to otherworldly cowboys, L.A. is a confusing map of mixed identities and false starts. But Betty's a plucky girl, and she won't rest until her new friend finds what she's looking for.   

Personality… sweet, bubbly, and innocent. Still new to L.A., Betty is every bit a wide-eyed idealist, and when a mysterious girl turns up at her house, she doesn't hesitate to offer her help. However, California is a strange, dangerous world, and it's doubtful whether a sweet girl like Betty can survive there unless she toughens up.

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