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Bette Porter

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About Her

Grew up… wealthy and educated in a mixed race family (African-American and Caucasian). Bette went to Yale and graduated with a degree in art history.

Living… in the Greater Los Angeles area near West Hollywood. Bette lives with her girlfriend Tina in a beautiful modern home that Bette loves to fill with choice art pieces.

Profession… Art Museum Director. Bette works at the California Arts Center and is fiercely dedicated to her work.

Interests… art. Bette has been a student of the arts since she was a teenager, and now spends most of her time setting up and visiting galleries around the Los Angeles area.

Relationship Status… rocky. Bette and Tina have been dedicated to each other for seven years, and Tina wants to start a family now. She has even been actively searching for sperm donors. However, Bette is a little less enthused about the burden of a baby, and her work has been keeping her from being home. They’ve also stopped making love. If that wasn’t enough, Bette’s had her eye on a beautiful carpenter at her workplace, and can’t stop imagining having sex with her.

Challenge… balancing her work and family life. Bette is an ambitious person who loves to devote herself to her work. She’s never really been the settling down type, but she does love Tina and wants to make their relationship work. In addition to working things out with Tina and keeping up with her demanding job, Bette also has to deal with her difficult father, who dislikes her relationship with Tina, and with her half-sister Kit, who’s a recovering alcoholic.

Personality… bossy, smart, and sophisticated. Bette has lived a relatively privileged and stable life. She’s successful and charming because she takes charge and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks is the correct way to do things. However, her intensely domineering and uptight attitude sometimes puts off her friends and family. On top of this, Bette is somewhat impulsive and prone to acting on her desires without thinking about the consequences carefully.

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