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Beth Horman


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Grew Up... filling her mind with radical socialist politics and dreaming of one day being part of a real people’s revolution. Beth found others who shared her passion, and eventually married Charlie Horman, who came from a wealthy family, but believed strongly in socialism.

Living… in Chile, 1973, during a real revolution. The military underwent a coup, overthrowing the democratically elected socialist party, which resulted in mass bloodshed and terror. Beth’s husband, Charlie, is one of the many to go missing during this time of tyranny and lawlessness. It’s up to Beth to search the underbelly of Chile’s political turmoil to find Charlie and make sure he’s safe. What’s more, Charlie’s father, Ed, insists on coming to Chile and searching for his son himself. Ed’s politics are the opposite of Beth and Charlie’s, meaning Beth will have to first get along with Ed before she can even think of finding Charlie.

Profession… socialist organizer and activist. Beth publishes pamphlets and other journalistic forms of propaganda. She believes she is working for the greater good of the common people here in Chile.

Interests… her family, her people, and getting the truth out.

Relationship Status… married. Charlie is the love of Beth’s life. He’s funny, passionate, and shares her belief about bringing freedom to all of those in need. His disappearance is heartbreaking, and Beth won’t stop until she finds Charlie and reunites with him, never to leave his side again.

Challenge… finding Charlie. The state of Chile is complex and dangerous. With money, there are ways of finding people who might otherwise not be found. That’s where Ed Horman comes in handy. He is willing to pay off whoever it takes if it means finding his son in one piece.

Personality… revolutionary, energetic, and sassy. Beth believes whole-heartedly in her cause. Ed criticizes her way of life as “sloppy idealism.” Beth can’t help but be sarcastic and scalding when talking about the American way of life. As she sardonically puts it, “God bless our way of life!” 

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