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Living… in the basement apartment of 123 Sesame Street. Bert lives with his best friend and roommate Ernie. The two are almost inseparable.

Profession… student. Bert often cites needing to study as an excuse when Ernie tries to get him to do something adventurous, but it's unclear what exactly he's studying. Whatever it is, it seems to be demanding, as Bert spends a lot of time reading and doing research.

Interests… pigeons, bottle caps, and the letter “W." Unlike Ernie, Bert is a homebody who prefers calmer hobbies, like collecting rare bottle caps. He’s also the president of the association of “W” lovers, and is very vocal about his love of the letter when it comes up around other tenants around Sesame Street. Bert’s main interest, however, is pigeons. He reads all about them and cares for his own pet pigeon, Bernice.

Relationship Status… single. Bert’s not adventurous enough to get out there and pursue a relationship, and he doesn't seem to want one, either.

Challenge… living on Sesame Street. Bert is simple and quiet, which often clashes with many of the energetic, zany monsters on the block, including his active roommate Ernie. As a result, Bert spends a lot of time trying to understand other peoples’ silly actions and games.

Personality… timid and calm. Bert is an old soul, who prefers reading pigeon stories over anything else. His hobbies are all low-key activities like tending potted plants, and he doesn’t often joke around with others. Despite this, he gets along well with most everyone on Sesame Street, and also puts his best effort towards understanding people different from him.


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