Bernie McCullough
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Bernie McCullough

The Bernie Mac Show

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About Him

Living... as a Chicago man at heart, miles away in Los Angeles. He had a comfortable life of luxury, smoking fine cigars in his giant house, until his sister called. She had to enter drug rehab and couldn’t take care of her kids anymore. Now everything is different.

Profession... actor and comedian. That’s the easy stuff. Surrogate father to three difficult children? That’s his new job, and it just might kill him. Vanessa is the oldest and loves to talk back. Jordan is a wussy nerd, which does not fly in the Mac household. Bryana, the youngest, is an angel for now, but soon enough she’ll drive him crazy like the other two.

Interests… his stuff. As he puts it, “Don’t touch my TV, don’t touch my DVD, don’t touch my dual deck VCR… You can’t touch nothing.” Those are more or less the first words out of his mouth when his nieces and nephew, scared and nervous, enter his house. He doesn’t care. That’s his stuff! He also loves playing poker with his buddies and watching the White Sox on his TV, which again, you don’t touch.

Relationship Status...  married to his lovely type-A wife Wanda. She’s a VP at AT&T and as she’s quick to point out, “They don’t play.” That means she’s not hanging around to welcome the kids on their first day. She’s got work to do. And that attitude continues when she gets home – she keeps Bernie in check like no one else.

Challenge... dealing with the kids. Vanessa’s always on the phone and Jordan’s always sick. They’re intruding on his life with problems he thought he was done with years ago. There’s a reason he didn’t have kids and could take them in – because he didn’t want any.      

Personality... loud, serious, and stuck in his ways. He has no patience for attitude and no time for fools. When he’s on stage, it’s just him. All eyes on Bernie, everyone’s listening, and he expects that kind of respect and attention 24/7. Unfortunately, he’s surrounded by people who don’t care who he is onstage. Also known as “family.”

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