Bernadette Rostenkowski
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Bernadette Rostenkowski

The Big Bang Theory

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Living... with her husband Howard in an apartment in Pasadena, California. Moving in together has been a fairly big adjustment for both of them, but so far it's working out. 

Profession... ex-waitress. After finishing her graduate studies in microbiology, Bernadette was offered a well paying pharmaceutical research position. She often jokes about being exposed to potentially dangerous substances in the lab and putting her friends at risk of contamination – it doesn't quite land with the group of geeky germaphobes.

Interests... anything but magic, science fiction, or role-playing games. She doesn't understand why her husband and friends are obsessed with them.

Relationship Status... married to Howard. They initially did not get along, but bonded over their overbearing mothers and eventually began dating seriously. Though Howard's continued overdependence on his mom is a constant source of friction between the two. Half-seriously, Bernadette even said, “Howie, I love you. And as your wife, your mother is every bit as much my problem as she is yours. So, I want a divorce.” 

Challenge... dealing with her husband's fragile ego. A sore subject in her husband's life is his education. Although he has a very high level job involving NASA, he is often made fun of by his friends for being the only one without a Ph.D. This is initially not an issue for Howard and Bernadette's relationship. But, when she receives a Ph.D. and a well-paying job of her own, Howard feels especially emasculated. This is not at all helped by their friends' sarcasm. In response to Bernadette's excitement of making "a buttload of money,” they said, "Bernadette, that's great!! Howard, do YOU make a buttload?"

Personality... very easy going and quick to make new friends. Her outgoing personality and goofy sense of humor causes little confrontation with anyone. 

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