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Grew Up… in the land of the Geats. Beowulf is the son of Ecgtheow and nephew of the Geatish king Hygelac. He grew up a strong and adventurous boy, always keen to compete with others and test his strength. As a youth, the only competition Beowulf is alleged to have lost was a five day swimming contest, during which he was attacked by nine sea monsters – all of which he killed before washing ashore in Finland.

Living… in the land of the Danes. Beowulf has travelled with his Geatish men to Heorot Hall, the seat of Danish king Hrothgar, to aid in defence against the monster Grendel. After hearing of the plight of Hrothgar and the Danish people, Beowulf considers it his duty to help them. He lays in wait at Heorot for the monster Grendel, relishing the opportunity to prove himself in combat.

Profession… a hero. He works in feats of greatness and valor, aiming to help others combat evil, and draw fame to himself in the process. Beowulf deals in honor before he deals in payment and riches. As he says, “If we die… it will be for glory, not for gold.”

Interests… slaying demons, competing with others, and women. His interests are not entirely altruistic, nor are they selfish. He fights to protect others, but he also takes pleasure in a good fight and enjoys reaping the benefits of victory.

Relationship Status… single. Although Beowulf could be with many other women, he is attracted to the one he can’t have: the beautiful queen Wealthow, wife of Hrothgar.

Challenge… killing anything evil. As he says, “I am Beowulf and I am here to kill your monster.” Whatever the foe, whoever the challenger, Beowulf is ready to fight. Though Beowulf’s challenges come mostly in the form of monsters and demons, he also has the challenge of dealing with his own desires and pride. He is not the most humble of men, and doesn’t possess much self-control.

Personality… boastful, strong, and adventurous. Beowulf always seems completely sure of his own abilities. Beneath his boisterous attitude though, he is a virtuous man and truly wants to use his strength for the protection and betterment of others.

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