Benjamin Martin
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Benjamin Martin

The Patriot

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About Him

Living… in the midst of the American Revolution. Benjamin is keen on keeping his family far away from the war, but the rise in patriotism and calls for support for the Continental Army hinder his efforts. And when two of his children start clamoring to head for war, Benjamin feels as if his home is being ripped apart by the fight.

Profession… veteran turned farmer. Having served in the French and Indian War, Benjamin Martin is no stranger to the horrors of battle, and he's intent on keeping his children from experiencing what he did. Unfortunately, Benjamin is something of a hero in the eyes of the colonial military. Having won a reputation for his strategic and combat skills, Benjamin is constantly hounded by the Continental Army to take up his tomahawk again. 

Interests… taking care of his family. Benjamin is a patriot, but he will not jeopardize his children’s lives for the sake of the colonial cause: “I’m a parent. I haven’t got the luxury of principles.”

Relationship Status… widowed. When his beloved wife passed away, Benjamin was left with a broken heart and seven children. Luckily, his sister-in-law, Charlotte, is there to provide emotional support and serve as a much-needed maternal presence in the lives of his children. 

Challenge… protecting his family from the violence and terror of the American Revolution. Unfortunately, it's proving to be a difficult task. War is spreading, right to the Martins’ front door, and Benjamin can barely stop his older sons from rushing out and greeting it with loaded muskets.

Personality… responsible, loving, and resolute. Benjamin Martin does what any good parent would: he defends his children with everything he has and tries to do what he believes is best for them, even if they don’t like it.

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