Benjamin Button
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Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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About Him

Grew Up… “under unusual circumstances.” Benjamin Button was born an old man and started aging backwards. His birth parents abandoned him and he was taken in by Queenie, who works at a nursing home for old folks. Ironically this is where Benjamin grew up – quite fitting because at first look, Benjamin “shows all the deterioration, the infirmities, not of a newborn, but of a man well in his 80's on the way to the grave.”

Living… a life of travels. Benjamin’s upbringing was so unconventional that he never really “found himself” in peers, or figured out what to do with his life. He was not even allowed to leave his nursing home. Once Benjamin is able to escape, he seeks adventure and travels all over the world. He even joins a crew on a boat, where he finds his sea legs. Best of all, Benjamin continually crosses paths with Daisy, a beautiful young girl he met in his “youth.” Benjamin has a long way to go before he can truly understand himself, but he’s off to a great start.

Profession… traveler. Benjamin has gone through many professions, but the one thing that remains steady in Benjamin’s “career” is his strong work ethic and good heart.

Interests… initially wheelchairs and crutches. Later on he is fascinated by motorcycles, leather jackets, and discovering the world.

Relationship Status… in love with Daisy, a girl he met when he was still very young and looked very old. They keep seeing each other throughout their lives, as he keeps getting younger and she ages naturally. In an ideal world he would spend his entire life with her.

Challenge… discovering himself. Life is hard for someone who ages backwards. Whereas normal people grow up alongside hundreds of others just like them, Benjamin hasn’t had the benefit of relating to people his own “age.” His childhood was spent in an old folks’ home, and that can really change a man.

Personality… introverted, quiet, gentle. His physically fragile youth leads him to grow up into a fragile soul. He has more love in his heart and wit in his head than ten people put together. And, he’s a very wise companion for someone so young. Somehow, he always seems older than he is, especially when he starts looking like a very young man. 

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