Benjamin Braddock
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Benjamin Braddock

The Graduate

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About Him

Living... back in the same room he grew up in. He just returned to Los Angeles from college, but he's finding it hard to live there as an adult. His mom keeps asking him what he does when he goes off at night.

Profession... unemployed. Since he graduated from college, he's been drifting – literally drifting – on a raft in the backyard of a pool. As he says, “I drive myself crazy sometimes, thinking about what to do with myself. It's like some kind of game, but the rules don't make any sense to me.”

Interests... drinking bourbon and having sex. There’s not a lot that Benjamin finds interesting anymore.

Relationship Status... extremely complicated. He has been seeing Mrs. Robinson, who is a friend of his parents. It all started when she asked him to take her home after a party at their house. She got him into her house, gave him a drink, and put on music. Then she started opening up about her personal life and told him her husband won't be home for hours. And then she asked him if he wanted to seduce her. How could he say no? After all, she is the most attractive of his parents’ friends.

Challenge... going out with Mrs. Robinson's daughter, Elaine. He swore he was devoted to Mrs. Robinson, but he broke that promise pretty quickly. Talk about awkward!

Personality... insecure, distracted, and clueless. Luckily, he has the sexy Mrs. Robinson to teach him some lessons in love and life, but her infidelity could come back to bite him.

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