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Much Ado About Nothing

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Visiting... the house of Leonato, the governor of Messina. The Italian island is a beautiful place filled with even more beautiful women, and it's not long before Benedick is dismayed to find his friends in love.  

Profession… soldier. It's because of his service in Don Pedro's troops that Benedick comes to Messina, but no one's really quite sure why he's staying. After all, while Benedick enjoys a good party like anyone else, some of Leonato's family are... less than happy to see him, to say the least.

Interests… arguing with Beatrice, Leonato's quick-tongued niece. While Benedick has a pretty sharp tongue himself, he finds Beatrice at least as acerbic in their longstanding "merry war" of wits. Still, while he appreciates sparring with her, that doesn't mean Benedick likes her. As he's quick to tell his friends, "she speaks poniards, and every word stabs."

Relationship Status… single, and determined to stay that way. While his friends are mooning over Messina's women, Benedick is determined to never fall in love. And if he does somehow end up marrying, Benedick tells his friends to "hang me in a bottle like a cat and shoot/at me; and he that hits me, let him be clapped on/the shoulder, and called Adam."

Challenge… proving himself to Beatrice even if he’s not quite sure why. Rumor has it that the lady has feelings for him, but that she thinks Benedick is too scornful and proud to be worthy of her love. Benedick is, of course, offended – proud? Him? Of course not! – and he sets out to prove Beatrice wrong. But soon he finds his feelings getting hopelessly confused in the process.

Personality… mischievous and irreverent, but not cruel. Beatrice might accuse Benedick of being insufferable, but he does have a heart – he just doesn't like to show it. But when Beatrice's cousin, Hero, is accused of adultery by her fiancé, Benedick might have to finally stop with the smart remarks and start being serious.

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