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Ben Sobel

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About Him

Grew up... in his father's shadow. And it's still that way. They’re both psychiatrists, but his father is much more successful. His father’s latest book, Tell Me What You Feel, Tell Me What You Want, is a bestseller.

Living... in New York with his son Michael – at least part of the time. Ben has been divorced for eight years and shares custody of Michael with his ex-wife. Through his son, Ben gets to hear all the terrible things his ex-wife says about him.

Profession... psychiatrist. Ben usually sees housewives who complain about their sex lives, but his latest patient, a mob boss named Paul Vitti, is unlike anyone he has ever treated. Although Vitti has an infamous reputation for being ruthless, he has admitted to Ben that he can’t stop crying during commercials featuring little boys and their puppies. As Ben says, "I am redefining weird on an hourly basis!"

Relationship Status... engaged to Laura, a broadcast journalist he loves. They are busily planning their upcoming wedding in Miami, but Vitti is making it hard to focus on the wedding. He is demanding his attention 24/7, and even tracked him down in Miami to talk to him about a problem he is having in the bedroom.

Challenge... dealing with Federal agents who want Ben to wear a wire when he sees Vitti again. They got wind of a big mafia summit coming up, and the FBI wants all the details. For Ben, the wire raises questions not only about doctor/patient confidentiality but also about something even more worrisome – Ben would be a dead man if Vitti ever found out.  

Personality… intellectual and mature but insecure. Ben is talented and successful, but he doesn’t feel that way. Ben still seems to need his father’s approval, but he rarely gets it. Ben probably could use some psychological counseling too.

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