Ben Marco
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Ben Marco

The Manchurian Candidate

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About Him

Grew Up… to be a soldier. Though it's been years since it ended, Ben Marco still carries psychological scars from serving during the Gulf War.

Living… in a paranoid America. In the age of terrorism, the United States has become far more insular and jingoistic. With the political field dominated by candidates who are either hysterically panicked or opportunistically savvy, it’s difficult to tell where public and private interest end.

Visiting… his friend and fellow soldier, Raymond Shaw. Shaw’s former commander, Marco's been having some strange dreams about the war about what really happened during the war. He suspects that Raymond, now a U.S. Congressmen and recipient of the Medal of Honor, is having the same dreams, and Ben's out to confront his friend and uncover the truth.

Profession… once a soldier, always a soldier. Ben, who thinks of himself as a patriot, is starting to believe that something else happened in Kuwait: that instead of being saved by Shaw, he and the rest of his unit, including Shaw, were brainwashed. As he tells Raymond, “somebody got into our heads with big steel-toe boots, cable cutters and a chainsaw, and they went to town."

Challenge… discovering the truth behind his nightmares. Major Marco, upon discovering that Congressman Shaw has become his party’s candidate for Vice President, knows that something nefarious is happening to the United States. As he remarks while watching Shaw rise to power, “this isn’t an election, this is a coup.”

Personality… strict, upright, and determined. Most people, including Congressman Shaw, believe that Ben is deranged. His talk of conspiracy, politics, brainwashing and the mysterious Manchurian Global corporation sound like a madman’s babble, but his 'crazy' theories might be more on target than anyone can possibly suspect.

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