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Love is Strange

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Overview… an aging artist with a large heart. Ben prefers to spend his days idly. On sunny days you can find him outside painting one of his beloved Manhattan scenes, while on rainy ones he’ll be tucked up on the sofa with a book. But for all his high-minded artiness, Ben is hopeless when it comes to practical matters like money. For that, he’s reliant on his long-time partner and now husband, George. And when George is fired from his job teaching at a Catholic school because of their marriage, it throws the couple’s lives into upheaval.

Personality… chatty, fun, and warm. Ben is the kind and welcoming one in his marriage. Although he hasn’t enjoyed the kind of success that he looked for as a painter, he’s content to pass his golden years cozying up with the love of his life (and having a drink or two).

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