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Ben Hood

The Ice Storm

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Living… in New Canaan, Connecticut, an affluent suburb with easy transit into New York, where he works. While his son Paul is away at boarding school, Ben lives with his wife Elena and their rebellious daughter Wendy, who accuses him (rather melodramatically) of being a “fascist.”

Visiting… his neighbor Janey’s house, regularly. In order to spice things up in his bland life, Ben has been having a sexual affair with the seductive Janey – though he thinks his wife is starting to suspect something.

Profession… working in a soulless office in midtown Manhattan. Ben makes a nice living for his family, but he has to slog through a boring routine in order to do so. He’s on the same train into Grand Central every day.

Interests… his evening cocktail(s). Other than that, Ben has ceased to enjoy a lot of the things he used to. “Golfing, to me, is something I’m supposed to enjoy,” he explains to his mistress, “and I was on the goddamn golf team at college, so it’s something one would assume I do well, I used to do well.”

Relationship Status… reaching a tipping point in his marriage to Elena. Ben usually likes to deflect any hint of tension between he and his wife with humor: “The only big fight we’ve had in years is about whether to go back into couple’s therapy!” But as Elena starts to feel like she’s being taken advantage of, such a tactic won’t suffice. 

Challenge… keeping his personal life from falling apart. His affair is not making him happy, and it’s causing his home life to disintegrate faster than he’d expected.

Personality… charming, affable, yet deeply unhappy. Ben is duplicitous, yet lies to keep his life in order rather than to hurt people. Suburban life has not managed to satisfy him, and he yearns for his wilder, youthful years. 

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