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Ben Grimm

Fantastic Four

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Grew up… on the mean streets of New York’s Lower East Side. Ben Grimm was raised in a world of gangs and street fights – quickly learning how to take care of himself at a young age. Despite his relatively poor background, Ben eventually attended State University, where he played on the football team and befriended Reed Richards. He eventually graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering and went on to serve in the US military as a test pilot.

Living… under a layer of rocky skin. When Ben accompanied the brilliant scientist Reed Richards up to space, the expedition was bombarded with cosmic radiation giving those on board special powers. Reed Richards's body became elastic, capable of stretching and contorting itself. Sue Storm gained the ability to manipulate light and force, Johnny Storm became pyrokinetic, and Ben gained super strength and a monstrous, rocky exterior. The four dubbed themselves the Fantastic Four, but Ben doesn’t see much fantastic about his new inhuman appearance.

Profession… former pilot turned professional superhero. While the other members of the Fantastic Four have benefitted from their new powers, Ben Grimm’s mutation has caused him tremendous pain. Evoking fear and ridicule wherever he goes, he can never hope to live a normal life. Still, Ben has never been one to sit around moping – as long as he has special powers, he’s going to put them to good use.

Interests… clobbering bad guys and searching for a way to reverse his transformation. Ben doubts that anyone can reverse what the cosmic radiation did to his body – but if anyone can, it’s his best friend Reed Richards.

Relationship status… just ending an engagement. Ben was engaged to Debbie Mcllvane, but she could not stand his rocklike appearance. Heartbroken and ashamed, Ben will most like not date any time soon.

Challenge… protecting people who fear and despise him. Ben Grimm toils endlessly to foil super villains and criminals, but is still met with fear and hatred from the very people he risks his life to save. Stuck in service to the perpetually ungrateful, Grimm has to juggle his own conscience with his sense of pride – and find a way to live with his new identity as “The Thing.”

Personality… gruff and pessimistic, the Thing’s hard exterior masks a heart of gold. Life for Ben has consisted of one tragedy after another. But, where lesser men would wilt and give up, Ben prospers. A classic tough-guy, Ben Grimm is one of the most stalwart and reliable heroes in the entire Marvel Universe.

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