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About Him

Living... in New York City, a few thousand miles from his parents back in California. That’s O.K. with Ben – his mom’s all right but his dad is an alcoholic who hasn’t always been there for him.

Profession... college student. Attending the University of New York is a chance for Ben to escape his home life and find out what excites him. But it turns out it’s not a completely fresh start – his old high school classmate (and secret admirer) Felicity Porter followed him out to the east coast.

Interests… sports, gambling, and maintaining an inscrutable bad-boy exterior.

Relationship Status... dating Julie, but undeniably interested in her roommate Felicity. She followed him out to New York after all, but sometimes it seems like she has more in common with their nerdy RA, Noel. Ultimately, it’ll be Felicity’s decision – one that only comes into play if things don’t work between Ben and Julie.

Challenge... navigating the world of college relationships as someone who’d rather keep his feelings to himself. He’s not open about his family history to his new college friends – even with the ones he starts dating. His charm and smile can only take him so far. If he’s going to make lasting connections, he’s going to need to open up.                                                                                                 

Personality... aloof, flaky, and unpredictable. Ben can be tough to read. He doesn’t like to be vulnerable or to display his emotions. But if you can crack through that exterior, you’ll find a man with a lot to say, who’s willing to learn, and who despite all outward appearances really cares about the people close to him. It’s usually only after pushing his friends away, however, that he’s able to bare his soul.

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