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Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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Living… two lives. Her family and most of the world know her as Hannah, a recent university graduate living in London. But to some, she’s Belle de Jour, an elegant, high-class call girl. "Belle" has an apartment that’s tricked out with everything she needs, but she’ll make house calls too.

Profession… call girl. For upwards of £300 an hour, Hannah sleeps with, entertains, and comforts her clients. Within her agency, Hannah’s good at personas, and so her specialty is role-playing. Her family, however, thinks she’s a legal secretary. They would freak out if they knew, but Hannah’s doing this of her own accord.

Interests… varied. On the one hand, Hannah is a smart woman who enjoys reading, good food, and other expensive things. On the other hand, part of the reason she’s doing this job is because she genuinely likes having sex.

Relationship Status… single. She used to date Ben, but they’re just friends now – in fact, he’s one of her only friends. It’s hard to bond with anyone, because she either has to keep her job a secret, or tell them and risk harsh rejection.

Challenge… keeping her secret and keeping her sanity. Hannah is kept busy with clients, but also with accounting, figuring out how to please her more exotic customers, working out, lying to her family, and more. She’s a competent person, but sometimes the stress gets to her.

Personality… intelligent, sexy, and fun. Hannah doesn’t get hung up on what other people think she should be doing – she’s going to accomplish her goals her way, thank you very much. With her clients, she’s good at acting and pleasant conversation, but outside of work, she’s to-the-point funny and not always as slick as she might appear.


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