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B'Elanna Torres

Star Trek Voyager

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About Her

Grew Up... the only child of a Klingon mother and human father, on Kessik IV in the Alpha Quadrant. B’Elanna often wished that she looked more than half-human, a desire brought about by her difficult childhood. B’Elanna often found it hard to control her emotions, and blamed the Klingon side of herself for her troubles.

Living... aboard U.S.S. Voyager, 70,000 light years away from home. After getting kicked out of Starfleet Academy, B’Elanna joined the Maquis resistance and met Commander Chakotay, who taught her some meditation techniques that his people used. These helped troubled B’Elanna somewhat, though she is still quick to anger, and it is best to stay on her good side.

Profession... chief engineer of Voyager. While breaking the nose of a superior officer would not usually get one promoted in Starfleet, B’Elanna lucked out. With Chakotay’s strong support of her, and Captain Janeway’s own close assessment, her talent proved exceptional… and it didn’t hurt that B’Elanna had just gotten the ship safely out of a black hole. All in a day’s work!

Interests... proving that she is right. B’Elanna is exceptionally gifted at her job, though she often faces the scrutiny that comes with the weight of the decisions being made. B’Elanna often brainstorms ways of improving existing equipment aboard Voyager to assist in their travels or missions. And she never shies away from inventing new techniques on her own.

Relationship Status... single. You could try dating her, but be prepared to pay a visit to the Emergency Medical Hologram if something goes wrong.

Challenge.... balancing the survivalist, hot-headed B’Elanna with the smart, caring and cautious one. While her genetic structure doesn’t make it easy on her, B’Elanna finds both acceptance and adventure in journeying with Voyager, keeping both sides of herself engaged. 

Personality... loyal, fierce, and intelligent. The support of Chakotay, Janeway and the rest of her crew allows B’Elanna to thrive in her position as chief engineer, and she is always competent on dangerous away missions, too. As she has stated, “It’s going to take more than an infection to kill me!” B’Elanna possesses the talent to be a great Starfleet officer, and Voyager’s journey through the Delta Quadrant will require her to be nothing less. 

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B'Elanna Torres
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