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Becky Sharp

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About Her

Grew Up… in a squalid artist’s studio in 1800s London. Becky was born to a poor painter and a French opera girl. When both parents pass away, she is taken to Miss Pinkerton’s Academy for Young Ladies, where she spends the next several years scrubbing floors and dreaming of a better life.

Profession... governess. Becky is thrilled when she lands a position with Baronet Pitt Crawley. Together, she and her best friend, Amelia Sedley, joyfully leave the academy. “Every slave wishes to escape if he can, you stupid cow,” says Becky as she bids farewell to Miss Pinkerton.

Interests... flirting, playing piano, and singing. Becky is a woman with substantial charm and she knows how to use it to her advantage. She may not come from privilege or high-class society, but she can impress almost any elite with her wit and talent.

Relationship Status... single, but extremely eager to mingle. Becky knows that a good marriage could change her life. She currently has her eye on Joseph Sedley, Amelia’s wealthy and well-traveled brother.

Challenge... entering the upper class. It’s a long, arduous journey to the top of the social ladder, but Becky is determined to make the climb. Equipped with charisma, intelligence, and a gracious manner, she’s prepared to beguile and impress everyone she meets along the way.

Personality... opportunistic and sophisticated. Becky Sharp knows exactly when to push forward and when to hold back, astounding bystanders with her prowess in maneuvering through high-class society. “I had thought her a mere social climber,” quips a disgruntled Mrs. Sedley. “I see now she’s a mountaineer.” But Becky definitely has more admirers than detractors.  

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