Becky "Icebox" O'Shea
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Becky "Icebox" O'Shea

Little Giants

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About Her

Overview… tomboy. Becky resides in the football-obsessed town of Urbania, Ohio, where the local celebrity is her uncle, former Heisman Trophy winner Kevin O’Shea. Becky loves football as much as anyone in Urbania. She is a natural athlete who hits so hard they call her “Icebox.” When Uncle Kevin unjustly cuts Becky from his pee-wee football team because she is a girl, she convinces his less-decorated brother – her father Danny – to start a rival team of misfits.

Personality… competitive and tenacious. Becky is a fundamentally sweet-hearted person who always encourages her less-talented teammates, but she doesn’t take grief from anyone. She is proud of being a backwards-hat-rocking tomboy. “I’m the Icebox,” she says. “I don’t get crushes.” And if any of the guys makes fun of her for being a girl, she’ll put ‘em in a headlock and throw ‘em to the ground.

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