Becky Donaldson
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Becky Donaldson

Full House

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Living... in San Francisco with her husband, Jesse Katsopolis. The house he shares with his friends, Danny and Joey, and Danny's kids, D.J., Stephanie and Michelle is fairly cramped, but they convert the attic into a full apartment.

Profession... co-host of the morning news television show Wake Up, San Francisco with Danny Tanner. She really enjoys the job and becomes close friends with Danny, who introduced her to her Jesse.

Interests... journalism. All her hard work led her to landing the position as co-host of Wake Up, San Francisco, which allowed her to move to the city from her Nebraska home. She is excited about her job every day and works extremely hard, and is even offered a position as a producer on the show after a few years at the station.

Relationship Status... married to Jesse. Becky is initially hesitant to get close to him due to his "bad boy" attitude and his obsessions with rock music and his hair. Nevertheless, they prove to be a great match, complementing each other very well. They eventually have two children together, twins Nicky and Alex.

Challenge... being integrated into the Tanner family. When she marries Jesse, Becky has the tough task of becoming part of her husband’s extremely close-knit and connected family. After getting to know them all, Becky is able to fill a role in their lives that was previously empty. She is a great mother figure to the three girls, whose mother passed away years before.

Personality... positive, intelligent, and caring. Becky is sensible and very smart. She can be a bit sarcastic but never in a condescending way. She has a great sense of humor, like when Jesse is late for their wedding and she says, "Darling, I just hope you are all right. But if you are all right, I'll kill you." Although she joins the family late, she is quickly accepted as a Tanner family member, offering both an upbeat perspective and invaluable guidance to everyone in the house.

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