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Overview… a very enthusiastic bridesmaid. Becca is very excited to be in the bridal party for her friend Lillian. Everyone loves a bride, right? But Lillian’s best friend, Annie, and her new friend, Helen, have launched a bizarre rivalry for Lillian’s affections that’s really started to get in the way of the festivities. Becca will just have to weather the commotion, since there is no way is she dropping out of the wedding.

Personality…. idealistic and sweet. When all the other bridesmaids are fighting over event planning and financial concerns, Becca tries to keep the focus on nicer things, like love and compliments. Unfortunately, she might be a bit outmatched. And she tends to be a little awkward – for example, she’s only ever dated one guy, so if the conversation turns to sex, she’s flummoxed. But sometimes a little sunniness goes a long way, and a lot of sunniness can go even further.

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