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About Her

Grew up… without a traditional family. Becca has spent most of her youth under the guidance of her level-headed mother, though she’s definitely got a bit of her wild father’s genes.

Living… with her mother Karen and potential stepfather, Bill. Becca longs to be with her father, the celebrated author Hank Moody, but even she knows that might not be wise. Hank can barely take care of himself.

Profession… student. Becca is a precocious and intelligent teenager. Her obsession with Goth culture sometimes get in the way of her schoolwork, but Becca often proves to be the most insightful member of the Moody family. She once told her father, “If you keep cracking jokes and taking another drink and pretending that life is one big, stupid party, you will miss everything.”

Interests… anything goth. Becca is a fan of the Satanic Bible, which she describes as “the ultimate self-help book.”

Challenge… getting over the fact that her father won’t always be there for her. While Becca and her dad have a good relationship, she knows that he may not be capable of being the dedicated and stable parent that she needs. That’s the realization that caused her to say, “It’s recently come to my attention that men cannot be trusted.”

Personality… wise, strong, and smart. Becca has the perfect combination of her mother’s level-headedness and her father’s wild intelligence. All she has to do is learn to avoid making the same mistakes that her father did. But when she says things like, “I suddenly understand the appeal of cigarettes and alcohol,” one fears that might be easier said than done.

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