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Beavis and Butthead

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Overview... a teenage metal-head and juvenile delinquent with an under-bite and a taste for picking his nose. Beavis likes to consume as much sugar as possible and act out, preferably as his alter-ego, “Cornholio.” He’s obsessed with fire and somehow always ends up a victim of violence. With no adult supervision and complete apathy towards school, there’s little for him to do but hang out with his friend Butt-head and make fun of music videos.

Personality... loose cannon, dim-witted, and brash. Beavis is as oblivious as they get. Anyone who willingly plays second fiddle to someone like Butt-head must have a few screws loose. Oddly, in spite of his animalistic nature, he’s more submissive and polite than Butt-head, rarely sticking up for himself. He’s constantly searching for things that are “cool,” and if something isn’t cool, it almost always “sucks” – in Beavis’ book, anyway. He’s also obsessed with women in theory, though in fact he is utterly terrified of them in any real-life situations.

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